Erin Bosak

Erin Bosak

Principal and Founder

There are two things you should know about me: I love beautiful things, and I am obsessed with organization; the marriage of these two sets of skills to plan beautiful celebrations was completely natural.

With an education in business, a priority of client satisfaction, and high attention to detail, I take great pleasure in allowing my clients to take a deep breath and pass off the tedious details to me.  My enthusiasm and compassion for all of my clients makes them feel at ease and stress free during the planning process.

In addition to planning weddings and stationery design, I love Starbucks and pizza…in that order. I am a Type A hopeless romantic, which is probably why this is the perfect career for me.  Some people call me a perfectionist but I like to say particular…especially when it is on the behalf of my clients.  I love being outside, and I love being active! I believe in enthusiasm, compassion, perseverance, sense of humour, affection, taking the high road and true love, and I also believe in making a wish at 11:11.

Created out of the desire to share the love stories of our clients with their family and friends, our boutique sensibility ensures that each event is custom-created with extraordinary thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Our passion is connecting with couples in love and creating beautiful weddings, while taking satisfaction in knowing that we have played a small part in your celebration.

Let’s make something pretty!